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LOWA PRO Team Philipp Hans

Out of the comfort zone, into the wall

Philipp Hans is 29-years old, a climber and extreme athlete. Born in the German city of Stuttgart, he discovered his passion for rock climbing and chal­lenging first ascents at an early age. He has never­theless always remained faithful to his home country and still lives in the city of his birth.

His enthusiasm for climbing was decisively influenced by his role model, Stefan Glowacz. At the age of 12, Philipp attended a presentation by Stefan – and was fascinated from the word go by the pictures and stories Stefan had to show and tell. So fascinated, in fact, that from that day on, he felt a deep longing to go on an expedition himself. Best of all with Stefan Glowacz, of course. And in 2018, he was actually able to make his wish come true! Together with Stefan and profes­sional Polar guide Thomas Ulrich, he went to Greenland – the fulfilment of a childhood dream.

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Climber and extreme athlete

Philipp Hans,
Do you have a role model?

“Yes, Stefan Glowacz. I happened to attend a presentation by Stefan at the tender age of 12. From the very first second, I was fascinated by the pictures Stefan showed us, and the stories he had to tell. So fascinated, in fact, that from that day on, I felt a deep longing to go on an expedition myself. Best of all with Stefan Glowacz, of course.

And by chance, I got in touch with Stefan, so that my childhood dream actually came true in 2018. I went to Greenland together with him and the profes­sional Polar guide Thomas Ulrich. Seasickness, cold feet and a breath­taking landscape. Ahoy!”

What has been your climbing highlight so far?

“Our first ascent, the “Wirklich oben bist du nie” climb (10-, 33 pitches, 1100 climbing metres, Stefan Glowacz, Josef Pfnür and me) on the Scheidegg-Wetterhorn 2022.”

What were your greatest sporting successes (e.g. in compet­itions, exped­itions, ascents)?

“In compet­itions, it was definitely the finals at Ninja Warrior 2019–2021, the German Junior Cham­pi­onship Lead 2011, and the Baden-Württemberg Boul­dering Cham­pi­onship title in 2014. When it comes to exped­itions, the successful “Coast-to-Coast” trek across Greenland in 2018 and 2019, and the Wallride crossing of the Alps with bikes and climbing equipment in 2021 and 2022 come to mind.”

What are your goals and plans for the future?

“Climbing is my core sport, but in the future I would like to plan and carry out multi-dimen­sional adventure exped­itions. Climbing and difficult first ascents on big walls will always play a role in my life, but they will not be my only focus, as I also find it very exciting to look for new chal­lenges outside the area of climbing and then combine them in one big all-round adventure. Then I can let my creativity run free, in accordance with my motto of “Do what excites you”.

For example, I’ll be getting my sailing licence in 2023, so then I can also access a rock face by boat in the future. 😊”

What do you do profes­sionally/at school?

“I have a teaching degree in physical education and English for grammar schools. Since climbing has become a more and more profes­sional activity for me in the past two years, I can say that I’m living my dream. Sponsors like Lowa make this possible for me.”

What other hobbies do you have?

“I partic­ularly like surfing. At least one surfing holiday a year has now become a must. Beyond that, I quite like kite-surfing, skiing and making things in my workshop. 😊”

Have you any tips for young climbers?

“What helped me most was that my brother Moritz and I went to the indoor climbing centre quite often, but for a long time we more or less trained without any particular focus. No specific strength training, no campus board, … just being in good company, pushing each other forward in a strong training group, and not forgetting the fun!”