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The low-cut classic of the multi­func­tional shoes rein­ter­preted.

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Not every boot has what it takes to become a true classic. Unless it is one of the most popular models made by LOWA – the RENEGADE. To turn a good boot into an even better one, LOWA has revamped the RENEGADE EVO GTX LO by adding a few small but signi­ficant details that not only enhance function but also appearance. Better than ever before, the comfortable multi­func­tional footwear takes every facet of the perfect fit into consid­eration, providing the space that toes need and creating a stylish appearance – without scrimping on any aspect of func­tionality.

Short description / 395 Char­acters

Making something better that has already completely won over so many outdoor fans and passionate hikers right from the start has to count as one of the toughest chal­lenges of all. LOWA has nonetheless succeeded in doing this – with its new RENEGADE EVO GTX LO, a feat that most likely is the result of the company’s ability to fully perfect a general concept that has already excelled for years.

Long description / 949 Char­acters

The RENEGADE has stood for exactly one attribute in particular over decades: the perfect fit. To take this feature to the next level, LOWA has added a few special details that make the new RENEGADE EVO GTX LO even more refined. Attention was paid, for example, to providing addi­tional comfort by using just one single piece of material for the inside of the forefoot area. This refinement elim­inated the need for super­fluous seams, so that the nubuck leather can now flexibly adjust to the indi­vidual shape of the wearer’s foot bones, preventing friction and taking pressure off the big toe joint. In addition, the new RENEGADE features a newly designed sole package: the directly injected midsole comprises two impact-absorbing components. The first layer is made of LOWA® DYNAPU® and the second of a firmer element that works in tandem with the CROSS OVER FRAME to provide optimal guidance. The new VIBRAM RENVALE sole provides a good, solid grip.


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