Seam repair Don’t lose the thread

Right at the devel­opment stage, our footwear is designed in such a way that the seams for the different parts of the upper are equal to the demands placed on them. But even with the greatest of care, seams can of course still come apart. Torn or worn seams can be repaired without any difficulty at our service workshop. Seam repairs are possible for footwear with a leather or GORE-TEX lining. We sew the upper material and lining together using a special sewing technique. The membrane is not damaged through this elaborate repair procedure.

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“It’s always fascinating to see how elaborate the repair has to be for a damaged seam. Espe­cially when it’s for GORE-TEX footwear. It takes experience and a lot of finesse.”

Robert Jasper | LOWA PRO Team

Which parts of my shoe can be repaired?

How it works

The first point of contact for all repairs within the warranty is your LOWA specialist retailer. Thanks to their expertise, your retailer can best judge what steps to take, or if your boots should be sent for repair or to make a complaint. If it is a complaint within the warranty, then take the boots to the retailer or send them in if they were purchased online or elsewhere (all retailers can be found here). Always attach a copy of the receipt to the boots and a short letter describing the problem. The retailer will then look after the rest of the complaint process.

Your shoe is no longer covered by the warranty, or you want to have it repaired?
We’ll be happy to assist you!

Please contact the importer for your country and ask if this service is available in your country.

  1. preparation_clipping

    Remove the insole and laces from the cleaned and dry footwear.

  2. packing_clipping

    Pack your shoes in a box. Attach a short letter to the box, in which you briefly explain what repair should be carried out on your footwear. Please do not forget to include your own address and also your telephone number.

  3. shipping_clipping

    Please ship the package to the address mentioned by the importer.

  4. waiting_clipping

    Now you need to be patient. Your repaired shoes and invoice will be sent back to your home within around 3 to 4 weeks.

  5. contact_clipping

    Would you like to have something else on your shoe repaired, or do you have a special question? Contact us, and we can talk about what you need to do.

Do you have any other questions?

Send us a message. We’ll be happy to help.

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