LOWA TRAIL Racers Team Johannes Ostfalk

If you do something, do it right.

Johannes Ostfalk’s main sporting discipline for a long time was football, but four years ago he suddenly became fascinated by trail running. Successfully and in the long term, as his trail running career to date has shown…

Johannes’ brother Markus Rock is not entirely unin­volved in his athletic devel­opment, as he literally put him on the trail for the first time in 2020. After having to pull out of the Moun­tainman Nesselwang 2020 due to injury, Johannes took over his starting place for Trail M over a length of 22 km. After that, it was clear to him that he wanted to devote his future to this sport – even if it meant giving up football.

What excites Johannes about trail running? Obviously the freedom the sport offers. “I love running off the beaten track, wherever it takes me. The wilder and more technical the better, ” says Johannes. For him, trail running on the local trails around Velden­steiner Forst is the perfect sporting leverage for clearing his head and balancing out his daily work routine. Johannes also sees the trail running community as an open, relaxed and easy-going community of athletes, where you feel comfortable from the first moment, and can gain personal and sporting inspiration.

The growing passion and motivation for trail running and training inspired the trail runner from Central Germany to such an extent that his first competition successes were not long in coming. Since 2020, he has already notched up a whole array of top ten finishes. His biggest success so far: sixth place at the Ultratrail Fränkische Schweiz – a top result on home soil! And more success stories will no doubt follow…

Facts & figures

Home base:
Mosenberg bei Neuhaus a. d. Pegnitz
Planning & Controlling Projects (Auto­motive industry)
Local mountain:
1,75 m
65 kg

Johannes Ostfalk,
Do you have any tips for people who would like to give trail running a try?

“Just pull on your trail runners and start out nice and easy. The local woods around the corner are perfect to begin in, because easy woodland paths and single trails are the best place to find out whether you enjoy off-road running, espe­cially in the beginning.”

How do you shake off your own laziness and do your training?

“I don’t have a secret formula. If you’re passionate about trails and trail running, you don’t really need to overcome your inner laziness. For me personally, it is no longer a question of whether I should run, but when and how best to schedule it. However, one thing that could definitely help to keep you motivated and not be tempted to skip training, is a structured training plan – ideally with a coach at your side.”

What are you partic­ularly thankful for?

“For my family, espe­cially my parents and the way they brought me up. I’m thankful that I’m healthy, am in touch with nature and am able to pursue the sport I love. I also appreciate the peaceful envir­onment that I’m lucky enough to live in. You become very aware of this just now, when you look at other countries.”

What do the outdoors mean to you? How ould you define the outdoors?

“Well, actually, outdoors just means outside in the fresh air. But for me, it is only really the outdoors when you are really out in nature and become part of it. It doesn’t matter where exactly you are – in the mountains, in the forests or just by the river at home. The main thing is that it is as pure, untouched and direct as possible.”

What is your favourite LOWA shoe?

“My favourite is defin­itively LOWA CITUX. It’s perfect for compet­itions up to 30 kilo­metres, fits really well and is very responsive. I’m still testing AMPLUX and FORTUX.”