LOWA TRAIL Racers Team Lena Ritzel

Pursue your goals – full of joy and courage!

Lena Ritzel fulfilled a long-awaited dream in November 2023: After she was finally infected by the mountains after six weeks working in a hut on the Haller­angerhaus, she decided to move to Kempten, her new, current adopted home – the Allgäu. In the process, she also discovered trail running for herself.

The physio­therapist and athletics trainer originally comes from Marburg in Hessen and, after many years and compet­itions in classic athletics, is looking forward to trail running, which she can do perfectly in the immediate vicinity of the mountains and as part of the LOWA TRAIL Racers team.

“I’ve been interested in trail running for a long time, but I only really got to know the sport this year as part of my work at the Haller­angerhaus in the Karwendel mountains and my visit to the Trail Running World Cham­pi­onships in Innsbruck, ” recalls Lena. The many kilo­meters on the beautiful trails around her six-week apline workplace finally sparked her enthusiasm for trail running.

What appeals to her most about trail running? For Lena Ritzel, the sport offers the perfect oppor­tunity to constantly face new chal­lenges and achieve her own sporting goals with joy, courage and ease. “Trail running also offers an incredible amount of variety. The land­scapes that you explore while running uphill and downhill are usually breath­taking and the trail running community is incredibly warm and motivating at the same time, ” enthuses Lena Ritzel about her new-found passion.

Logically, the ambitious athlete’s successes were not long in coming. At the Zugspitzul­tratrail in 2023, she landed directly on the podium at the Grainau Trail. This was also the decisive moment for Lena when she decided to become active in trail running as well as road running, which was imme­diately followed by parti­cipation in the Walser Trail Challenge and the Karwendel March. We are delighted to have Lena on the LOWA TRAIL Racers team and to be able to accompany and support her on exciting trails and in her sporting career as an athlete.

Facts & figures

Home base:
Physio­therapist, athletics trainer
Local mountain:
1,74 m
59 kg

Lena Ritzel,
What was your best trail experience?

“One highlight was definitely the Karwendel­marsch last year, which was the ultimate challenge and experience for me due to the route. It was my first marathon and ultra run at the time. Apart from that, I have fond memories of the many mornings at the Haller­angerhaus. Running alone, in peace and quiet and sometimes at sunrise in this landscape – that was great!”

Do you have any tips for people who want to start trail running?

“Start by testing on less technical terrain and choose short, easier races to begin with. There are often great trails for beginners here. In alpine terrain, plan the route well, check the weather beforehand and get advice on footwear. If, like me, you come from the low mountain range, simply deviate from the main paths in the forest and explore the small trails.”

How do you overcome your inner couch potato during training?

“Answer the why. Visualize goals, think about the feeling afterwards, create routines. Don’t see anything as an obligation or compulsion. If the motivation doesn’t come or isn’t there – which is really rare for me – it’s abso­lutely fine to give in sometimes. Because there’s usually a reason for it.”

Do you have a role model?

“Sabrina Mock­enhaupt aka ”Mocki" has been a runner I have looked up to since my youth and who has always been present through her incredibly authentic, direct manner, her humor and of course her impressive successes. She has lived and loved running for years like hardly anyone else."

What are you partic­ularly grateful for?

“I am grateful for my family, friends, being healthy, having a passion like running, being able to pursue my wishes and dreams and for all the support I have received, such as this cooperation with ATR by LOWA. And of course for being able to call the Allgäu and this incredible landscape my new home and this really great start here, which shows me that it was worth having the courage to try something new.”

Which tour or running route can you recommend? And why?

“In Kempten, I like to run along the Bachtel­weiher, the Iller or the Mariaberg. A great trail run starts and ends at the Weißensee lake, leads over the Alatsee, the Salober Alm, the Zirmgrat and Falkenstein Castle and offers great views of the Füssen lakes and the Breit­enberg.”

What is your favorite LOWA shoe?

“Definitely the LOWA CITUX, which convinces me above all with its super grip and stability and its dynamics and low weight.”